A Guide To Choosing The Correct Artificial Grass For Your Children’s Play Areas in Leicester

A Guide To Choosing The Correct Artificial Grass For Your Children’s Play Areas in Leicester


Parents want to provide their children with a safe play and fun environment. However, when choosing the right type of grass for their play areas, things can become overwhelming, and we might not know where to start. A common substitute for natural grass is artificial grass. Especially for play areas, as it is low maintenance and can withstand heavy foot traffic. This article will provide you with all the information you need to choose the correct artificial grass for your children’s play areas.


Firstly, choose a product specifically designed for a play area. Not all synthetic grass products are the same; some are more durable, resilient, and safer than others. Various child and pet-friendly products are available, including the ‘Lazy Turf’ and ‘Summer Garden’ options, offered by a provider in Leicester. These products are designed to be gentle, non-irritating, and boast excellent drainage properties. This means that even after heavy rainfall, your children can enjoy playing on the turf without any concerns.


Secondly, consider the pile height of the fake grass you’re purchasing. The pile length is the grass blades, ranging from 10mm to 60mm. For play areas, choosing a product with a shorter pile height is best, as it will be more resilient, denser, and easier to clean. Shorter grass blades will also prevent tripping hazards and make them more suitable for using play equipment like trampolines.


Thirdly, consider the colour of the fake grass you want to install. The grass’s colour can enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal and make the play area more inviting. Brighter and lighter-coloured grass can also help to cool your garden’s temperature and reduce the risk of overheating during the hot summer months. However, it is essential to note that darker grass is more realistic and can add more depth and texture to your garden. 


Fourthly, think about maintenance and upkeep when purchasing fake grass. While it is low maintenance, allowing you more time to spend with your kids, some synthetic grass products require more care than others. Selecting a product that is simple to maintain and does not require too much attention is best. A wide selection of low-maintenance products is available at  Leicester Artificial Grass Services, which require minimal upkeep. These options allow spills and debris to quickly be cleared using a leaf blower or a hose, simplifying the cleaning process.


Lastly, make sure to find an efficient and experienced artificial grass installer. Proper installation of synthetic turf is crucial to ensure it is level, secure, looks great, and avoids any drainage issues. Professional installation services are offered to ensure that your synthetic turf is expertly installed by skilled professionals, reducing the risk of any potential fall hazards.




In conclusion, choosing the correct synthetic grass for your children’s play areas is crucial, and many factors must be considered. When selecting a product, consider artificial turf designed for play areas, pile height, colour, maintenance, and installation. Using the appropriate fake grass item and installation service, you can create a safe, low-maintenance, and beautiful play area for your children to enjoy.  


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