What Foundations Should Be Put Down Before Laying Artificial Grass in Leicester?

What Foundations Should Be Put Down Before Laying Artificial Grass in Leicester?


Are you looking to have a lush green lawn without the hassle of maintenance? Artificial grass is the best solution for you! There are several advantages to having synthetic grass, such as less maintenance, conserving water, and an evergreen lawn. However, before installing artificial grass, it is essential to prepare a suitable foundation, to ensure that artificial grass installation is successful. In this blog post, our primary objective is to delve into the fundamental aspects you should know before installing artificial grass in Leicester.


Soil Preparation: 

Good quality subsoil is required for a sturdy base. This needs to be compacted and levelled to form a flat surface. Any uneven or soft patches need to be found and removed. A weed membrane or Geotextile membrane must be laid and pinned down to prevent weed growth. A crushed rock base is installed to provide drainage.



Artificial grass cannot absorb water like natural grass. Thus, drainage needs to be a priority. The prepared surface needs adequate drainage that helps excess water drain away easily. To achieve this, a perforated pipe must be installed along the borders of the lawn, and a permeable aggregate must be established to ensure proper drainage.


Add Additional Fill: 

A blinding layer of sand should be added after the crushed rock base has been laid. The sand helps provide a smooth surface and a coating for the artificial grass to be fixed. The artificial grass is then laid over the sand layer using adhesive. After being fixed, the grass will be brushed to stand it straight.


Ensuring Quality: 

When looking for a company that offers artificial grass installation, make sure they offer quality synthetic grass to suit your specific needs. It is advisable to actively seek the expertise of a professional installer that guarantees quality service at a reasonable price. Spending a little more to do it right the first time is better.


Regular Maintenance: 

Proper installation is essential, but regular maintenance is just as necessary. Artificial grass necessitates less maintenance compared to natural grass. However, it does require some upkeep. A simple sweep with a stiff brush will ensure that the grass blades remain almost upright and appear natural.



In conclusion, having a solid foundation for artificial grass is crucial, knowing regular maintenance is essential, and hiring a professional installer is vital. Considering these important things before installing artificial grass in Leicester would be best. Additionally, proper installation will ensure that the synthetic grass looks and feels as natural as possible. You can maintain a beautiful lawn without the backbreaking work with artificial grass! 

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